Here’s How these devotionals can help you

Here’s how these daily devotions can help you:

If you are stressed with too much to do and not enough time to do it, you can have a short (under 5 minutes) devotional Bible study with your morning cup of coffee. Just scan the QR-enabled cup with your smartphone and read—or listen to—the hymn, Scripture, and application questions for the day. You can find a place of quiet rest where ancient Bible truths and old hymns meet 21st Century technology.

If you are fearful about your life, your town, your world, I get it. The Bible tells us there will be a great falling away in the last days. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, wants you to find rest in Him–on His terms. It’s all there in the Bible, reiterated in the hymns, explored in the daily hymn devotionals. By faith, it is possible to say “It is well with my soul.”

If you are in despair, angry at those who persecute, resist, and trouble you–and others–whether in word or action, you will discover Bible-based, historically proven, revealed-in-nature answers to some of the day’s most perplexing questions. For centuries, the hymns & Scriptures have calmed troubled souls around the world, regardless of age, status, or circumstances. They still do today.

If you are troubled by the resistance to Bible truth in a world of chaos, so am I. If you want to help but don’t know how, I’ve got good news for you. With A Cup of Devotion, you will get not only nourishment for yourself, but also practical opportunities to reach others in need. All profits go to support those in crisis.

Bonus: If you’re looking for that perfect gift for one who could use some encouragement, be sure to check out our gift boxes and the DIY gift box options.

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