Onward Christian Soldiers 4

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Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
Forward into battle see His banners go!

And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for His heavenly kingdom. To Him be glory forever and ever. Amen! (2 Tim. 4:18)

The Lord, the unchangeable I AM, will free the individual from every evil work. He will remove the enemy’s hand and transfer the child of God into His hand when he surrenders his will to God’s will. To submit to another person is incredibly difficult for those reliant on themself. To submit to God, the unseen ruler, is even more challenging. Complicating the matter further, Satan is a master deceiver. He makes sin appear enticing up front, and it is, no doubt about it. However, everything comes with a price and the price of sin is paid in the end. A young child remarked after a few minutes intentionally observing people at a shopping mall, “There’s a lot, a lot, a lot of unhappy people. The devil directly opposes God. The Lord’s faithful follower “pays” up front when he surrenders his will to God’s will as evidenced by obedience to Him and faith in Jesus and the Bible, often standing alone. In the end the believer receives the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, . .  On earth the child of God is engaged in a spiritual battle. Though persecutions may arise, and friends depart, yet the believer is exhorted to lift high His banner and identify with the King of kings and Lord of lords. In heaven the battle will cease, the victory will be won, and the believer will reign in glory with Christ, in perfect love and peace.

Onward Christian Soldiers was written for children carrying banners from one community to the next. Today, as we engage in spiritual warfare, we, too, carry a spiritual banner. In wartime, a banner (or flag) is used to build morale, identify friend or foe, communicate, commemorate, and more. The one who carries it must exemplify great bravery for they must face the enemy, they are never to turn and run. Let us lift high our banner today, employ our faith as we surrender to His leadership and allow Him to communicate to our heart more clearly than ever.

Are you lifting high your spiritual banner in the warfare you are engaged in today? This is your day to dust off that banner, lift it high and proclaim your allegiance to Christ like never before. How can you live out your faith in the Great I AM as you face, the battle that is yours to fight today? Remember that “Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe; forward into battle see His banners go!”