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Taking children on His knee,
Saying, “Let them come to Me.”

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But when Jesus saw it, He was greatly displeased and said to them, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. (Mark, 10:14)

When Jesus saw the disciples restraining those who were bringing the little children to Him, He was angry. Why? Because the adults saw the children as an interruption to their serious adult conversation. Jesus, on the other hand, knew children to be refreshing, giving without taking, accepting without judging, loving without hating. Adults come to Jesus for what they can get—healing, teaching, food, and blessing. Children come to Jesus giving their love, asking for nothing in return. Children love with a love that is quick to forgive, unwilling to hold a grudge. They are teachable, following the lead of those around them, eager to learn, and content to live by their leader’s rules—even though they don’t understand them. Of such is the kingdom of God, the bedrock of the Christian journey.

As adults, we tend to undervalue children, waiting for the day they become adults like us. Jesus tells us that we must become like children. When He addresses the crowds, He treats the children with tenderness and compassion. As a result, children are drawn to Him. They run after Him, cling to Him, and shout for Him. There is much to be learned from the young lives that intersect our adult lives, and when we extend care for the children God has placed in our lives, they will instinctively recognize us as ones to imitate. When children see us portraying Jesus’ attributes—kindness, wisdom, strength, tenderness, sympathy—they, too, will naturally be drawn to us and to our values. Edward Payson, an early 19th Century preacher, writes:

“What if God should place in your hand a diamond and tell you to inscribe on it a sentence that should be read on the last day and shown there as an index of your thoughts and feelings! What care, what caution, would you exercise in the selection! Now, this is what God has done. He has placed before you immortal minds, more imperishable than the diamond, on which you are about to inscribe every day and every hour, by your instructions, by your spirit, or by your example, something which will remain and be exhibited for or against you at the judgment day.”

How can you demonstrate God’s love, kindness, and wisdom to a little child today? What child has He placed in your life to teach you about giving, accepting, and loving? A child for you to imitate. Won’t you “Let the little children come to you”? Today is a great day to be like Jesus, “Taking children on His knee, saying, ‘Let them come to Me.’”