Incredible Morning!

This morning was amazing!!! I was thinking of a website name and all of a sudden the name, STEAM Craft came to mind. I googled and saw it was for sale for $195,000. Then I looked for STEAM Craft Kids and it was for sale for .01/month. Knowing what I know about SEO, I know that STEAM Craft Kids is a much better name anyway.

So, as I thought about it, talking to the Lord about it, saying it had nothing to do with the hymns and it looks like a secular venture, I honestly believe He imparted His wisdom. A vision began to develop in my mind. Maybe I should do this in the schools with the character building component, of course.

Then I remembered what Mom said to me two nights earlier as we watched the news regarding the brokenness of the educational system in the nation. She turned to me and asked, “What are you going to do about this?” I told her “I’m working on it but not quite sure yet.”

I was on the 2nd day of a 5-day challenge that promised a roadmap for building a successful kids’ crafting class. The challenge piqued my interest since I had been struggling to find the link between hymns and crafts, knowing that creativity has always played a big role in my life. I thought there would definitely be something to gain by taking the challenge. Turns out I was right.

Next thing I knew the touch lamp by the bed started a small flicker of light, off and on. I was turned away from the light, but I kept seeing a low flashing light. I turned and saw the flicker. I thought, “The lighbulb is on.” God was confirming! Physically!!! In amazement, I grabbed my phone to video it and the flicker stopped. I cried, I prayed and I praised God.

He is lighting the way–literally. As I thought about it more, I began to see that it is for me to work out locally with the added character component that has been in my heart for over 50 years. I complained to the Lord that I saw no connection between the hymns and children. Maybe the last 18 months of hymn-inspired devotional Bible studies was just for a few select people after all.  At this point the vision to develop a “crafting character” club that began to appear. A club that could be distributed to other moms who would like to start a STEAM character kids’ crafting clubs in their neighborhoods. It is here that the hymn studies would be invaluable. Hymns for moms, crafts for kids. It could also provide a side income for moms while imparting Christian values to the next generation.

Light flicker began again. I tried to capture it with my phone again and it stopped again before I could record it. My mind shifted to the ancient oil lamps mentioned in the Bible.

I do believe that the Lord gave me His vision. As I thought about it more, I realized that a few months ago a principal married to a first grade teacher moved in right next door to us. A few years ago I volunteered at the local Charter school, making a good impression on the woman who owns 2 schools in the area, and she is a believer!

After what happened this morning, I do believe the Lord would have me involved with the children in my local community. I just might be a pioneer in what could become a grassroots movement for Christians to impact both the children in our neighborhoods! Oh Lord, this vision is way out of my realm of ability! If this is truly Your vision, You alone must bring Your team of children and moms to do this. May I keep my heart bowed and my eyes focused on You throughout this venture.

I know the Lord doesn’t show the whole picture all at once, for He lights only the next step. This morning I saw a dim, flickering light, physically. For one who has had a burning passion for over 50 years, to get a first glimpse of a vision to make this a reality is certainly incredible.

Lord, may I be faithful to You, to listen and obey You. I know I will get discouraged and want to give up. But, if this is from You, as I believe it is, let me remember to always turn my eyes upon Jesus and look full in His wonderful face.


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