Grandma’s Farm

The house is far too quiet without the children running around any more. Granddaughters are a long way from here. Whats a grandma to do? Start a mini farm, of course.

Over the weekend, we went to a farm where we got our first in-person glimpse of miniature cows. These cows are darling, well behaved, and, most importantly, look like an animal we could handle in the coming years. Shucks, seems that most miniature cows are even halter trained.

Did you know that you have to put your name on a waiting list for miniature cows? Our name is on the list. It could take as long as 9 months to a year before we are able to get them. Just like having a baby–without the growing stomach–or maybe it is growing, but for a different reason.

Why miniature cows? They are cute and docile and very kid friendly. Seems that grandparents are often the ones who have these cows. They tend to go on about how much fun their grandchildren have with them. Some ride the cows, other lead them along on a leash, and others milk them.

Cows, like people, need a partner. While they are young, it is not good to put male and female together.

Only one thing to do . . . Get a couple of sheep as well. Apparently, as long as the cow has a partner in the field, they will be fine. A sheep will do until the little heifer is old enough to become a mama cow. Looks like our farm will be growing.

Besides the farm animals, Grandma longs for a little company in the house. Of course, a little dog is the answer. While a large dog might make more sense on the farm, a little, indoor dog would do a better job of keeping her company.

Later this week a little Havanese dog will come for a visit. We are hoping to be his forever parents at his forever home. Grandma is making lots of grandiose plans to teach him. Maybe she will teach him to be a service dog; maybe a daddy dog.

If a service dog, Grandma will take him to doggy school for training. After graduating, she can take him to hospitals, senior care facilities, even to schools where children can read to him. If a daddy, she will create a puppy school for his newborn puppies. She would turn one of the unused bedrooms into a miniature gymnasium with toys for little puppies to play on. This brings back memories of the days when the twins daddy was a gymnast. The puppies would have a baby gym with toys to bat at, a tunnel, see-saw, dog puzzles and more. Either way, this appeals to her desire to teach.

As you can see, Grandma and Grandpa are in the process of turning their empty nest into a mini farm. The rooms could once again be filled with activity if the dog becomes a daddy. Even if he does not become a daddy, he himself is sure to bring life into the now all-too-quiet house. Outside the animals will certainly entertain and entice the boys to come visit.

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