Friday: Amazing Grace

T’was Grace that brought us safe thus far
And Grace will lead us home

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. (Ps. 23:6)

Kindness and unfailing love will chase after the believer every day of his life until he takes up permanent residence with the Lord in His house always and forever. God, in His grace and mercy, pursues His people with kindness and compassion, good will and benevolence. God is all that is good. He lives in holy perfection. His unfathomable love and tender mercy, personified in His beloved Son, took upon Himself every sin ever committed by any person. This Psalm likens Jesus to a Shepherd, protecting and providing for His sheep. He is gentle of heart, extending tender mercy and kindness to His wanton and afflicted sheep. He is literally chasing them with kindness, charity, compassion—His never-ending love.

Affliction and trouble must oppose us while we are on earth. How else could we do the work of God and grow in faith? Without the rain, how could we appreciate the sun? Without rain, the ground becomes dry and thirsty. Without trials, we could not exercise faith and hope, trusting Him to provide for and protect us. Without the testing of our faith, we would not appreciate the faithfulness of our Lord. The rain brings forth lush green grass and fragrant flowers just as trials blossom into faith and hope. We need both the hard times and good if we are to understand what it means to fix our eyes on our eternal home. In heaven we will no longer need sunshine or trials to grow in faith and hope. God Himself lights up heaven (Rev. 21) and only the greatest of these remain—love.

What trouble are you facing this day? Do you believe that God is chasing you with His never-ending love? Sometimes it is hard to believe that He has your welfare and happiness in mind, especially during a storm. Yet, this theme is consistent throughout the Bible. The troubles you encounter on earth are carefully designed by your all-knowing Creator to increase your faith and hope in Him as you learn to rely on Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Won’t you let todays toils and snares be transformed into sources of joy and fruitfulness by the grace of God? Set your mind this day, allowing the disappointments of earth to become appointments of heaven. Accept the rain today that you might become His fragrant blossom tomorrow. “‘Twas was grace that brought us safe thus far and grace will lead us home.”

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