About Cindy

Cindy Sekiguchi, innovative defender of the hymns and author, is restoring the hymns that have united generations for centuries. She can honestly say “It is well with my soul” as she navigates today’s stormy seas of tribulation and lawlessness.

As an innovative defender of the hymns, she

  • looks for God’s fingerprint all around her–in nature, in people, in all of life
  • engages others in Biblical conversations whenever possible
  • has a vision for today’s Christian to accept that there is a purpose for trials and tribulations
  • sees discouragement in the believer as potential for reviving the Word of God with Bible verses inspired by words from the hymns
  • has an ever-flowing fountain of ideas that she researches and explores with the goal of spurring one another on to love and good deeds
  • has a passion to revive the message and the Scriptures behind the old hymns 
  • understands that many creative, inspiring, innovative ideas must be shared with the Body of Christ
  • is curious about life, seeking greater insight into the acts and ways of God through every-day encounters.

For 20+ years she and her husband have raised 3 amazing children and successfully introduced 2 major outdoor companies to the world market. The industry has come to trust them to provide a warm meal in frigid cold winds with innovative, quality stoves backed by a firm commitment to customer service. Today, she continues that creative bent with innovative hymn-inspired Bible studies and activities that help others to:

  • find meaning in the trials and tribulations
  • live out the faith with daily challenges
  • find hope and restore faith with hymns and Scriptures
  • Connect believers with past pillars of the faith with QR-enabled coffee cups

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Visit the blog to learn more about her journey.