724 Jesus I am Resting, Resting

listen not
Listen to Jesus I am Resting, Resting

Thou hast bid me gaze upon thee, as thy beauty fills my soul,
for by thy transforming power, thou hast made me whole.

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“He will not be afraid of evil tidings; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” (Ps. 112:7) 

A heart fixed on God is steadfast, stable, confident, and firm. To have a heart fixed on God is to have a simple trust in God. The believer may know this in his head but struggles to live it out in a fallen world where trials, hardships, and troubles abound. A bad report from the doctor, stress at work, discord in the home, and a nation in turmoil give rise to worry and fear. It is the believer’s challenge to remain steadfast, to trust God, to believe that He will never leave him nor forsake him; that His grace is sufficient in the worst of times. When one trusts in the Lord, his heart is established, fixed on the truth of God’s Word. He is building a firm foundation for his life, delighting in the commandments of God. Without conflict, man is prone to live according to his fleshly desires and ambitions. Trouble and suffering are often the tools God uses to form an individual’s heart, making him willing to live according to His commandments (Ps. 119:67 and 71). 

Like the house built upon the rock, when the rains come down, when the waters rise, when the winds blow and beat against us, we do not fall because we have built our foundation on the rock. We are confident that His promises go before us. The storms will shake whatever is not built on the Rock. Storms of life will break off branches not firmly rooted in the vine. Structures we have built apart from God will crumble. No matter how severe the storm, the Prince of Peace, the wisest and greatest in the universe, will see us through when our heart is grounded in faith. We can trade our downcast soul for a heart that sings praise to the Lord. God knows what is best for us, and He is faithful to lead us in the difficulties of life. In the darkness, when we do not know what to do next, His Word brings clarity, shedding His light on our path. 

Do you believe God is trustworthy? Do you trust Him, even in the hard times? Have you poured out your broken heart to Him? To trust Him is to yield to His Word, to yield to His commandments. He wants to fill you with His vision, share His heart with you, and show you His perspective. “Thou hast bid me gaze upon thee, as thy beauty fills my soul, for by thy transforming power, thou hast made me whole.”