51 Things To Do Together For Thanksgiving (Little to No Prep Needed)

Today I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving. This year I want to come up with some new, non-traditional ideas for after the big meal. When family and friends of all ages gather together on this day. Since we all live such different lives, it can be quite a challenge to come up with ideas that will appeal to many of the guests. Here’s my list of new ideas to choose from this year.

  1. Be sure to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  2. Take a walk after dinner.
  3. Do an ice bucket challenge
  4. Look through family photo albums
  5. Play The Best Thanksgiving game.
  6. How about a Thankful Leaves Bucket Toss?
  7. Do a puzzle together.
  8. Play a game of soccer together
  9. Make some Indian Corn magnets with the kids.
  10. Play a family game of touch football
  11. Do a Google search for a Turkey Trot near you.
  12. Rake the leaves in a pile–then jump in them.
  13. Have Grandpa read 5 Kernels of Corn before dinner.
  14. Build a fort
  15. Play a game of charades.
  16. Visit the History Channel Thanksgiving 2018.
  17. Play a family favorite board game
  18. Take silly family pictures together.
  19. Go for a drive to a nearby park or around the neighborhood.
  20. Have a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.
  21. Make a plan for your Black Friday shopping.
  22. Make Thankful Tree.
  23. Play a game of Thanksgiving Turkey bowling.
  24. Play the Gratitude Game.
  25. Play Thanksgiving Bingo.
  26. Turkey Tasks make great conversation starters.
  27. How about some Thanksgiving Minute-to-Win-It games?
  28. Visit Plimoth Plantation online.
  29. Take a YouTube visit to the Mayflower Ship.
  30. Play a game of Don’t Topple the TeePee
  31. Visit TIME magazine’s photo gallery, The Tisch of Thanksgiving.
  32. Make a “Handy” Thanksgiving wreath.
  33. Have Grandma and Grandpa tell their memories of Thanksgiving when they were young.
  34. Have a family talent contest.
  35. Create a family mission statement.
  36. Have a family tug-of-war.
  37. Make your own Family Trivia game.
  38. Skype family members who were not able to attend the family Thanksgiving dinner.
  39. Get out a map and have each person mark where they were born (or where they married,, or where they live–you get the idea).
  40. Have a 3-legged race.
  41. Wrap a candy bar in a Pilgrim Thanksgiving wrapper.
  42. You’re sure to like one of these Thanksgiving Printables.
  43. Make this Fall Harvest popcorn.
  44. Set the table with photos.
  45. Thanksgiving Random Acts of Kindness.
  46. Share one favorite Thanksgiving recipe–especially one from Grandma.
  47. Have a movie marathon
  48. Start a Memory Tablecloth.
  49. After dinner, have everyone write a thank-you card to someone who has made an impact on their life, Put a stamp on the envelope to assure it will be sent after addressed.
  50. Watch old family videos.
  51. Share a favorite verse or poem about thankfulness.
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