434 Christ the Lord is Risen Today

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Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply, Alleluia!

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Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and all its fulness; (Ps. 96:11)

The Holy Spirit guides and comforts the child of God. God reveals Himself in His creation. God created man, pure and innocent, and placed him in the Garden of Eden, a heaven on earth. Man lived in perfect fellowship with his Creator. Man sinned against God; God sent a curse. God’s judgment on sin was revealed at the cross. The sky darkened and Jesus declared, “It is finished.” Three days later, He rose from the grave; it could not hold the Holy One. The heavens rejoiced and the earth was glad. Alleluia! Let the heavens and earth praise the Lord. Let all of the creation join in a choir united in gladness, a symphony of worship. Let the sea and all therein sing praise, let it break forth in thanksgiving onto the Lord. The heavens, abode of God, the earth, recipient of His grace, the waters faithful to His command. Let all the earth recognize His goodness and wisdom. Let the heavens and earth, the seas and fields praise the Lord. Praise Him for His wondrous works, for His lovingkindness, for His faithfulness, for His gentleness, and for His patience. He is the One Who came as Son of Man, the One Who will come again as Judge of all the earth.

Rich or poor, honest or dishonest, righteous or unrighteous, He comes to judge the works, the words, and the ways of man. When we yield our ways to God’s ways, heaven and earth rejoice. He seeks, He waits, He yearns for the one who would reflect His love in a confused, lost, and angry world. When we change the world within us, we change the world without. When we yield to the soft, gentle voice of God within our spirit, His nature, His hope, His love awakens within us; it is poured out on those around us. Our hearts, our minds, and our very souls reflect His nature. Those around us see the contagious love of God reflected in us. It Only Takes a Spark to Get a Fire Going (Evie Tornquist Karlsson).

Do you demonstrate your love for God with your words, your song, your actions? What is one way you could express love for Him today? You embody thanksgiving and devotion to Him when you allow His love to rule in your heart. Let Him be your praise and your God (Deut. 10:21). Let Him put a new song in your mouth (Ps. 40:3). Praise Him for His goodness and His faithfulness, His triumph and exultation. Join with all of creation and “Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply, Alleluia!”