926 A Mighty Fortress

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Lord Sabaoth is his name,
From age to age the same,

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The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah. (Ps. 46:7)

God is the LORD of Sabaoth, the LORD of hosts, the LORD of rest. God is Maker and Maintainer of all that exists, General of the forces of the land, High Admiral of the seas, Lord and Leader of all creation. The Mighty Commander of all creation is the personal God of Jacob, intimately acquainted with Jacob as an individual, knowledgeable of every sin—deception, lying, swindling. Still, God longs for a living, close, personal relationship with him when he finally abdicates to God. Jacob wrestled with God, unwilling to admit his weakness, his self-reliance, his deceptions until . . . the touch of God brought him to a place of surrender and God blessed Him. The God of all, infinite in power, is the God of one, acquainted with every sin, sins unknown to any other.

The Lord of hosts is with us. There is nothing in the universe that can separate us from our Mighty Captain. A truth difficult to comprehend as we traverse this earth in blindness, fear, and unbelief. Nevertheless, those who love and trust Him know Him as Emmanuel, God with us. He dwells beside us, He dwells within us, He blesses us, He keeps us, He gives us rest. How unfathomable the thought that our God, Ruler of the universe, would leave His throne and enter the narrow room of our hearts. Let us exalt our Lord with David who, when looking upon the deliverance God had wrought, declared “the Lord of hosts is with us. The God of Jacob is our refuge.”

Is the Lord on your side? Is Emmanuel, God with us, your Redeemer? Like Jacob, you can enter a relationship with Christ today by surrendering to His love, admitting your brokenness to Him. Determine to yield your will to His will. God can—and desires to— give you new life. Jacob wrestled with God. It is good to have doubts and to question the Bible. Your Christian faith cannot be a blind faith. It must be a thinking, questioning faith. How else are you to prove the Words of Scripture in your own heart and share these truths with others God brings into your life? It is the inspired Word of God, He cannot lie. A truth experienced by you, lived out in your life, is all the more compelling both to you and to those whose lives you touch. He is a personal, intimate, knowledgeable God. Look back on your life and see if you can’t agree with David that “Lord Sabaoth is his name, from age to age the same.”

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