924 A Mighty Fortress

National Cathedral, By Peter Global Visions - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
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Listen to A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Our helper he, amid the flood
of mortal ills prevailing.

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God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. (Ps 46:1)

To sing this song of peace, David must have acquired certain confidence in God, his refuge and strength. He must have learned the art of prevailing prayer amidst the flood of troubles all around. David knew a great and deep peace because he understood the ways of God. He faithfully trusted in the Lord which brought him great hope and comfort. This was true for David and it is true today. God is a refuge and strength, a shelter to which the believer may run for safety when facing danger—a lofty wall, a high tower, a mighty fortress. He is strength to the weak, help to the helpless, and defender of the weary. He does not withdraw Himself from the battle-worn, though they may withdraw from Him.

When God is our primary ambition, we discover in Him those things which make Him a refuge in times of danger, a strength in days of uncertainty, and help in emergencies of every kind. We may lack courage, but God is our refuge. We may feel defeated, but God is our strength. When the earth is removed and troubled waters roar, we hide ourselves in God. Peace comes not only by what God is, but by what God is to me. “God is my refuge and strength.” The Lord invites us to take hold of Him. He says, “Let him take hold of my strength” (Is. 27:5). The deep peace which is our right and privilege will not be ours unless we take the Lord to be ours in all that He is.” (Paraphrased from Charles Spurgeon, Earthquake but not Heartquake.)

When you acquaint yourself with God you will be at peace. When you make God your study, you will discover in Him those things which make Him a refuge for your hour of danger, a strength for days of uncertainty, and help for emergencies of every kind. Seek to grow in the knowledge of God so you may learn to say, “Therefore we will not fear, though the earth be removed” (Ps. 46:2). Dwell in the presence of God and ask to be instructed in His nature, His character, His attributes. Solid peace, which no calamity can destroy, comes from knowing and trusting God. Do you know Him as your refuge? Have you fled to Him? Have you found shelter in Him? This day, won’t you agree to run to God when the troubles come. What a comfort it is to know that “Our helper He, amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing.”