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Day by day, and with each passing moment,
Strength I find, to meet my trials here;

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The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song I will praise Him. (Ps 28:7)

The heart of one who trusts in God is anchored in faith, assured of His protection. It is within the heart, the deepest part of man, that strength is garnered for the trials and tribulations that are on the horizon. What happens in the inner sphere of one’s life is revealed in their outer life.

“The Lord is my strength” — that is inward; “My shield” — that is outward. “My heart trusted in Him — inward; “I am helped” — outward. “My heart greatly rejoice[s]” — inward; “With my song will I praise Him” — outward. (Charles Spurgeon)

Inwardly, the Lord is David’s strength. He is the love of his heart, the strength of his mind, the One to whom he confides. Outwardly, God is his shield. The One to whom David turns for protection, for shelter, for refuge. Inwardly his heart trusts in the Lord. Outwardly he is helped; delivered from Goliath, victor over Saul’s armies, and rescued from his enemies. Inwardly his heart rejoices, his mind believes, his soul trusts. Outwardly he praises God. He writes psalms, he sings songs, he dances before the Lord (2 Sam. 6:14).

It is better to put our trust in the Lord than in man. Because David’s strength was in the Lord, he could stand strong against man, government, and his enemies. So can we. When waters rage, when storms threaten, when friends forsake, God defends. When our heart trusts God, we are helped by Him. Troubles recede like the crashing waves after a storm. Whether He provides the right doctor for an illness, the willpower to say ‘no’ to that enticing temptation, or direction for a perplexing decision. He helps us when we place our trust in Him. Faith deepens, trust increases, and rejoicing springs forth from our hearts. Praise pours out of our lips. We can rise above the trials and tribulations, rejoicing in the victory that God has given. Jesus rose from the grave, triumphant over all His foes. We can too. He provided the doctor, He made it possible for us to say ‘no’; He made the way for us. He is I AM; He will be Who He will be, He sees and He is in control.

What trials are you encountering today? Won’t you place your trust in the Lord? Your relationship with Christ is based on your faith in Christ. You trust Him to take you to heaven when your work on earth is over, don’t you? Then why not trust Him to take you through this day? “Day by day, and with each passing moment, Strength I find, to meet my trials here.”