Code of the West

Tomo and I have been launched on an incredible journey and it is my desire to share snapshots of it with you. I shall endeavor to tell you what we are experiencing first-hand, personal insights, and how we are working on applying all of it to our life. Trusting that you might gain some encouragement as you are invited, through words and a picture, to participate.

This week the “Code of the West” has been a focus. Last Saturday at the Farm, this was brought up. After gaining a taste of this Code, it has become obvious that Mr. Dave, the cowboy that is heading up this whole thing, pretty much epitomizes the “Code of the West.” Apparently, these 10 principles are the unwritten rules that the early settlers and cowmen lived by and were bound to. Though never written down, they were respected everywhere on the range. These 10 rules are being not only taught, but lived out and personally experienced by each person that participates in Hand in Hand Farm’s mission. In many ways, this code compliments The Ten Commandments from the Bible.

Though we never thought of ourselves as cowboys or horsemen in any way, it appears as though that is the direction we are headed. I want to share this journey with you.

Last night we were talking about the unlikelihood of us ever learning how to saddle a horse, clean hooves, and scoop horse manure. Tomo said that he could never imagine doing anything with the animals due to his fear of them. But, isn’t that a part of this training—learning to overcome our fears in order to move forward with life? Or, as Mr. Dave would say, the 2 most important words, “Deal with it.” We concluded that what we experience at the Farm with the animals we also see in the lives of the children and families as well. Wisdom and practical Christianity is being imparted to us as valuable gifts.

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