About Cindy

Cindy Sekiguchi, teacher, entrepreneur, and author is restoring the hymns that have united generations for centuries. She can honestly say “It is well with my soul” as she navigates today’s stormy seas of tribulation and lawlessness.

For 20+ years she and her husband have successfully introduced 2 major outdoor companies to the world market. The industry has come to trust them to provide a warm meal in frigid cold winds with innovative, quality stoves backed by a firm commitment to customer service. Nevertheless, she considers her greatest success the values she has imparted to her friends, family, and children through her teaching and writing.

Today she is on a mission to inspire hope and restore faith with hymns and Scriptures. She is writing devotions for QR-enabled coffee cups, creating a place of quiet rest for troubled times; connecting believers with past pillars of the faith. A time when Christians prayed fervently, revivals broke out, and believers knew peace because they knew God. 

She wants to help others find joy in the agony, peace in the chaos, and love in the resistance. She is on a mission to inspire peace through faith and action. 

After years of frustration, seeing the turmoil all around her, yet not knowing how to help (besides, what can one person do when there is such a great need?), she is now willing to turn over all profits from her business to help those in crisis. From the beginning, her greatest desire has been to share some of the deeper Bible truths with those who recognize the spiritual famine in the land. Her next greatest desire has been to find a way to help those in need. This is how she intends to do it. This is truly a win-win.

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