Welcome to A Cup of Devotion™ where you will find hymns and Scriptures for troubled times. My journey started with an appreciation for the crushing that seems to be a prerequisite for the hymnist. I began to learn the stories behind our old hymns. When I learned that the original intent of many hymns was to simplify and clarify the morning’s sermon, I began to “reverse engineer” them, discovering the Scriptures behind them, unfolding truths that had previously evaded me. Before long, I had collected several hymns, the stories behind them, related Scriptures, and reflections on them.

Years–no, decades–ago, we attended church where the hymns were sung. Then we drifted to modern church music. Today, we have returned to the old hymns. Why? For the love of God,; for the love of hymns:

        • the majesty and beauty of their poetry,
        • deepening our Christian walk,
        • lifting our hearts to God,
        • magnifying Jesus,
        • uniting our loved ones.

The hymns embed great Christian truths in our hearts and minds as we pause to internalize the strong faith message found in them. Everywhere we look trouble is mounting, waters are churning, and the winds of change are blowing. Yet, our soul is still, confident that the Lord is on our side. I have found

when peace like a river attendeth my way
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say
It is well, it is well with my soul

A Cup of Devotion™ makes it easy for you to enjoy your coffee and a hymn every morning. You probably have your Smart Phone nearby. Pair it with your morning cup for a portable mini-sermon.

A good day starts with A Cup of Devotion™.

        • A unique, interactive, hymn-inspired cup
        • Your morning coffee; your morning revival
        • Inspiring hope, restoring faith in troubled times
        • Something to think about, something to write about
        • Sing it out; live it out
        • Verses to live by
        • Start the day with a hymn, biblical truths, a deeper understanding of the way things work, and a challenge to live out what God is putting in you.

We love to sing the hymns at church, at home, in the car, wherever we go (Deut. 6). We have found that the hymns unite us, joining the generations, clarifying the truths of Scripture, instilling hope and peace in our troubled world. You, too, can know the peace of God when you fill your heart and mind with hymns and Scriptures.

Prepare yourself to face the challenges of the day.

        • Let the Scriptures shape your worldview.
        • Let the hymns inspire your worship.
        • Let A Cup of Devotion™ make it possible.

As the saying goes, “Let me write the hymns of the church and I care not who writes the theology.”

May you know the “Amazing Grace” of God, may you know deep within that “It is Well with My Soul”


A Cup of Devotion™
“Hymns & Scriptures for Troubled Times”